Fly Ash Bricks

The best fly ash bricks in Visakhapatnam are made at Shubham bricks. We procure the best raw materials and take great care in building this finishing product. 

Fly ash Bricks (Shubham Bricks) are manufactured with fine quality raw materials. Also the bricks are made by Latest German technology promising the durability and strength to every brick which cannot be compared with other brands.Shubham Bricks is known for Best quality fly ash bricks and its brands promise.We do have a brick testing machine at our plant we welcome our customers to come and check the quality before going ordering free of cost. We manufacture and sell bricks of all sizes

We are Shubham Bricks manufactured and ready for selling high quality fly ash bricks in vizag today at a customiazed quote. If you are looking for best quote for Fly ash bricks in and around Vizag please call us today. Our bricks have parameters of quality and prices are competitive. At Shubham Bricks we supply different sizes of Fly ash bricks/Cement Bricks made by German technology with first class raw materials and the durability is always promised.

We are Shubham Bricks a leading manufacture (German Technology) in Vizag. If you are looking for best quality bricks for construction your search ends here. We Shubham bricks are in this business for a very long time and we promise the Quality output to our customers.We have the model of customising the bricks of all sizes vary from 6 to 9 inches readily available.Our plant is situated in anandapuram and we supply across Visakhapatnam  location.