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What do you understand and know a fly ash brick?

All the power generated burn coal to generate electricity and the burnt material / waste product is formed from that process which is called Fly ash.

What is cement or concrete brick?

Cement /Concrete Bricks – Basically they are made of different raw materials.Usually people called a Fly ash brick as cement or concrete brick because Fly ash is mixed with cement then it will become a very expensive product to sell.

What is the cost of each fly ash brick?

The cost of brick varies from place to place because it’s a matter upon various factors like raw material cost, the rate of proportion of these materials, Technology /Machinery  utilised, the plant and the selling locations and labour costs etc.,

Why fly ash brick called environment friendly?

The answer is Yes, Most construtions they use Red brick and fly ash brick due to the environmental friendly /Availability . As the fly ash is made by hazardous material leftovers The making of bricks  contaminates water and air so when it is utilised it is consumed and can also help strengthen the construction

Is Red brick environment friendly?

The process of manufacturing Red brick is not at all environment friendly fractures caused because it caused soil erosion and burning the brick at around 1000 degrees Celsius for long periods creates lot of environmental pollution.

Where is our plant located?

Our plant is located in Anandapuram and we supply high quality brick cover all locations in  vizag.

Which is Better Red brick or Cement brick?

There is always a traditional usage of Red bricks from longtime as no alternatives available. Present Constructions have alternatives and they need modern solutions so today with the rise in usage of Fly ash people prefer using fly ash bricks due to strength, durability and Eco-friendliness.

 Is there any Option that we can test bricks?

So many brick manufacturing plants have their own way of testing the brick. Subham brick have a different machine to test brick which will show the analysis of strength of brick. At Shubham bricks we have german technology brick testing machine and all our bricks go through a quality testing process.