Basically our understanding about brick is rectangular in shape with red colour. We feel the brick is used once for construction and that’s the end as its lasts for longer time.We have to think first when should the brick should be used?

When we go to history around ages. In Bible did adam had a wall? We still think about the answer. The History says about the bricks usage was in the 12th century with the arab nations used for constructing the great Iranian shibel tower . Greeks and romans too used the bricks for constructing the own buildings. As per the survey the strongest brick in the world was found in a small village called Accrington in Lancashire and has great brand which was exported to United States of America for building foundations of Empire State Building.

At times of Our great civilisation years ago (Indus Valley Civilisation) bricks were used. In times of Mohenjadaro baked bricks were used and later decomposed and were left as holes.

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