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Shubham Bricks aim is to manufacture products like Fly Ash Brick its unique of its kind in terms of Quality. The Plant is based out of Vizag and leading supplier of Quality Fly ash bricks spread across the market. The main reason and idea behind Fly ash brick plant in bringing new trends for future generations. Our Construction over a period of time has a basic trend of using brick to complete the project this would help in bringing trending ways of building. Considering everyone dreams into reality we promote an eco friendly bricks with great quality. Shubham bricks in Vizag earned a name and we have fruitful relationship with customers in using strong quality Fly ash bricks. We take up great measures to get the best quality of Fly ash bricks

We think and Understand user experience

We have travelled the way and we know the difficulties while trying to get a great fly ash brick with premium quality. In fact this was one of the driving factors why we had to start a Fly ash Manufacturing industry in Visakhapatnam. We have built Shubham Bricks company with a brand promise to deliver only best quality products without any compromise. 

Unbeatable customer service

There are few industries which are usually run by people who are less educated and ones who do not really understand customer service. We are a professionally run organisation with a focus on customer care while providing you with the best fly ash bricks. No matter during the day or night we are always there to support our customers. 

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Why choose Shubham Bricks

Innovation & Excellence

We have adapted to the best German technology to present you with the best fly ash brick in Visakhapatnam. This brick is already known for its quality and durability


What you see on the quote is what you get and its that clear and simple. There are no hidden costs to what is promised and quality fly ash bricks along with timely delivery is our promise

Qualified Staff

We have staff (many civil engineers) who are best at what they do and this is because of the continuous training that is provided to them along with the education they have persued


We innovate and adapt to best change management techniques to produce uncompromised fly ash bricks with amazing long lasting products and this is something we want to o for the next generation


Our employees are always motivated to manufacture best Fly ash bricks and that is because they are empowered, provided next level opportunities and encouraged for their good performance

Quality Testing

Our Fly ash bricks are tested for quality at every stage and that's is our growth secret. No matter how many you buy and for how much you buy from us you will only receive the best quality fly ash brick

Looking for best Fly ash brick?

quality fly ash bricks is our promise

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“Best Fly Ash Bricks, set in Visakhapatnam.”

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge. The team was extremely patient and trained. The delivery was also on time and they also helped with labor. 5 starts to Shubham Bricks for their best service and fly ash bricks" RAMA KRISHNA Contractor
Rama krishna